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SILVER (KITUABIA NSUA): “One step at a time”; starting small is usually important and grow bigger in the process through experience. This loan product is meant to help you start no matter how small and Afro-Arab Microfinance will support you to grow as big as you want.

It is also targeted at persons who want funds to attend to personal or family issues (fees, rent, etc).

It comes with very flexible daily, weekly, or monthly repayment terms which give you peace of mind. You can start up with this facility no matter the trade.

SAPPHIRE (NKOSUO): This is a loan facility targeted at moving your business or trade to another level of growth through asset or infrastructure expansion, stock increment, personnel expansion, service improvement, etc. It is accessible to every area of trade and accessible to any enterprise venture.

We continuously offer good rates and flexible repayment terms. Support and advice services are always a part of our business in best serving our customers.

EMERALD (GINAPA):  This is targeted on those SME’s which are well organized in their operational activities and makes higher returns.

DIAMOND (ABAKADE):  This is targeted on those SME’s who are fully fletched in their business field and has propensity to expand and go beyond SME Capacity.

The objective of this product is to make fund available to the potential client to face their financial challenges with respect to acquisition of Raw materials, Stocks, Business expansion and any other challenge that can be curbed by such amount provided to drive the Client’s Business towards its goal and objective.

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